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Respecting Parents

Every people live want to make their parents happy. The questions are, how to make them happy ?

This posting just to share what i feel to make our parents happy. Make our parents happy not difficult as you think. Let me tell the story what happened to me. When i break from my job, i just concentrate to finishing my essay. It means, i’m more often at home than go outside. i help my mother and father the simply thing that i can to do.


The example, i visiting my little brother at boarding house. Visiting my brother on the weekend actually made me lazy. Because, on weekend is time for me to relax our body, i mean more sleep, hehe.

Visiting my little brother, can lighten my parents to do they activity. Because, when we do little thing to help our parents, it will make them happy.




Muhammadiyah 55, Darunnajah Islamic Boarding School, CCIT FT-UI, Riza Family, Programmer C, Java, C#, PHP....

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