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They Were Wrong, It Was Impossible

It’s about my weight. My body. I’m over weight, like all people talk to me. When i go somewhere and the people insult to me. I’m try to be thin people for good looking, make me not difficult to find new dress for use. But what ? I think it’s so difficult for me. Many ways i have done to lost my weight. My friend told me it’s about consistent and believe. If you have both of them you will get what you want. You will get what your dream. At that time, i can lost my weight 5 kg for 1 month. I can lost my weight with the same food portion. But why i can lost my weight ? you know what ? i live at the village as assignment from my university. I throught hard climb wherever i go. And it’s so amazing for me. But i like it.

Last night i got link video from my friend on facebook. The video tell about how you can get what you want when everybody arround you not trust what you will get. Everything will become true if you believe, consistent, desire, and never, ever give up. This video i will share for all. Hopefully can be inspired and lessons for us.

Happy Watching 🙂



Muhammadiyah 55, Darunnajah Islamic Boarding School, CCIT FT-UI, Riza Family, Programmer C, Java, C#, PHP....

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